RYLA 2021 Virtual

The Experiential Bootcamp

Leading Self, Leading Teams, Leading Change

For change-makers, for those destined for greatness, for those ready to take charge of their future.

Leading Self

3rd Nov 2021

Leading Teams

10th Nov 2021

Leading Change

17th Nov 2021

Pitch Day

20th Nov 2021

About RYLA Virtual 2021

RYLA 2021 presents:

R.I.S.E – The experiential leadership boot camp.
A once in a life time opportunity that lets you take charge of your future, grow your leadership and organizational skills💻💻.

Through working with teams and mentors, you will participate in well coordinated leadership trainings, mentorship sessions and work with your team to create inspiring projects that will create a positive impact, and change lives🤗🤗.

It gets even more interesting💃💃💃 you stand a chance to win amazing prices.

RYLA 2021: For change makers 💪💪.


Re-establish commitment to RYLA by engaging Rotarians in the RYLA program as mentors for Rotaractors


Form a strong Foundation for RYLA that molds a path for the next generation.


Advice, Support and train rotaractors in their leadership Journey


Design an impactful programe that creates change, encourages creativity and and motivates impactful projects

RYLA Virtual Theme

  • Self-management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Time management
  • Goal settings
  • Self-compassion
  • Self-support & mental care
  • Being kind to oneself
  • Recognizing your joy & pain
  • Appreciating & rewarding oneself
  • Self-awareness
  • Understanding one’s strengths & weaknesses
  • Being aware of your emotions
  • Learning your personality
  • Self-acceptance
  • Acknowledge & appreciate oneself
  • Letting go of unrealistic expectations of perfection

Leading Self

  • Who is a leader?
  • Understanding self to understand others?
  • Personality traits in leadership
  • Decision making as a leader

Leading Teams

  • Leadership vs Management
  • Managing Conflict
  • Maximizing Performance
  • Teamwork

  • Inspire

  • Clear Goals

  • Lead by example

  • Supports

  • Vision

  • Motivates

  • Encouragements

  • Recognition

  • Stimulation

  • Integrity

Leading Change

  • Trend & system awareness
  • Strategic & visionary thinking
  • Creativity & innovation
  • Technology awareness
  • Entrepreneurship spirit

Pitch Day

  • Team project plan presentation
  • Final speeches
  • Announcement of proceeding teams
  • RYLA team recognition

The RYLA Experience

Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom, mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards training workshop (RYLA) is an annual leadership event organized by the Rotaract clubs in the district where members develop skills while having fun, developing networks, and making lasting relationship. The main focus geared towards upgrading the skills in the school of leadership development comprises teamwork and communication skills, new friendships and connections, professional development opportunities, and a platform to collaborate through community impact.